Our 1996 Counterpoint Opus IV
was similar to this bike in the photo. It is old enough that any shots we have of this bike are on celluloid.

Ellie tried another bike club member's Opus in 1991 and gave me no choice: buy one if I wanted her to go cycling with me. It served us well on many tours. Having her own gearing, a laid-back seat, and unobstruced view makes this her favorite bike of all. This bike became increasingly hard on the old skipper, so we started experimenting with fully recumbent tandems.

The EZ2 recumbent tandem by Sun Bicycles
was designed by EasyRacers, builder of the Toureasy recumbents. It was an unfortunate combination of heavy frame, cheap gearing groups, and lousy seats. We expected it to be comparable to our single TourEasy bikes, but no dice.

Crashing the gears on a hard climb in 2002 signalled the end of this steed, so John started looking for a Ryan Recumbent. In fact, our very first recumbent ride was on a Ryan Duplex at the 1994 Northwest Tandem Rally in Portland, OR. By the time we had abandoned the EZ2, Dick Ryan had sold the marque to Greg Peek at Longbikes.